Three straight-forward, completely rational reasons to drink more tea in twenty-fourteen

January 01, 2014

We aren't ones to dwell on resolutions—so don’t consider this an opportunity to make some sort of tea-drinking resolution, I think we both know that it won't hold up. Rather, think about these few points as simple advice from your friends at Hugo Tea. Sure—it’s in our best interest for you to drink more tea, but it’s in your interest as well.

Here’s why:

1. Tea is so very inexpensive: We sell exceptional, organic, direct-from-origin teas at Hugo Tea and yet our tea is still less expensive than mid-market coffee. It costs 10 to 20 cents a cup to make Hugo Tea.

2. Tea is better for you than coffee. There—we said it. Sometimes it’s easy to beat around the bush, but there’s no denying it. Coffee is not a health drink (neither are “energy drinks”). Drink tea, you’ll feel better for it. Here--learn more about Tea & Health

3. Tea is better for the environment than coffee. Tea is a brilliant, efficient crop. It takes less land area, less water, and less energy to make a cup of tea than a cup of coffee.