Retail Master Needed: Hugo Tea Company

September 30, 2015



Retail Master Needed: Hugo Tea Company

Come! Be Hugo Tea Company’s new Retail Master.

If you are:

1) A lad or lass that get things done and doesn’t fuss about it, and

2) You aren’t scared of sales and dealing with people all day, every day, and

3) You are unceasingly cheery in a genuine way (not a creepy way), then you’ll be great!

The Retail Master manages Hugo Tea retail across all retail channels (except web). It’s your job to make sure all of our direct grocery partners are always fully-stocked with Hugo Tea. You’ll process orders and you’ll even deliver orders from time-to-time. You’ll make sure that Hugo Tea is well-represented on the shelf and you’ll maintain close relationships with buyers and grocery managers in hundreds of stores regionally (and some nationally!).

Hugo Tea will be pursuing a traditional grocery distribution model in the next 6 months. It will be your job to master this system and work diligently with potential distributors to broaden our footprint.

You’ll also represent Hugo Tea at events, tasting, and demos. We get invited to so many gosh darn events that we just can’t keep up. If there’s a farmer’s market, tasting fair, or any other sort of craft-goods-handmade-local-tea-coffee-shindig, you’ll be the person there pouring tea and telling everyone about us.

Initiative and drive are paramount. This job is 50% sales. You’ve gotta want it, and you have to keep at it. Are you someone who clams up in the face of failure? Does competition exhaust you? Don’t bother applying.

This position is salaried, and is one of the key positions at Hugo Tea.

Email your resumes and cover letters to We’re very much looking forward to hearing from you.


None—but we have a strong preference for folks with experience in grocery, retail sales, and distribution. The perfect candidate understands what grocers want, how to sell to them, and how to keep them happy. Then again, it’s not rocket science, the right person can learn these skills lickety-split.

You can expect to travel 25% of the time.

About Hugo Tea:
Hugo Tea is an organic tea company based in Kansas City, Missouri. We import organic teas and tisanes direct-from-origin around the globe. Our hand-crafted, exceptional teas are sold in over 100 cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty shops regionally. We are growing and we really need your help.