Balloons Away! (v2.0)

September 07, 2013

I wish we had a black & white video--you know, something ever-so-epic to announce the relaunch of the Hugo Tea website. But we don't. To be frank, we've been a bit too busy sourcing, blending, and packing the most tasty teas in the world to dilly-dally with such things.

You see, a lot more than the design of the website has changed. We rolled out a new design aesthetic across the entire company, expanded into nearly all of the top-tier cafes in Kansas City, and changed locations (twice!). And now, of course, we have this fancy-pants blog where we can be candid about our passion for tea, tea-drinkers, and our home--Kansas City. 

You should expect every-so-often updates on our products, our practices, and other nonsense. There will be an abundance of hyphens (see above), quips, and perhaps a top hat, a mustache, or both. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Let's get on with it.

 (no, that's not us--but we like the picture. It's our good friend Bo Nelson @ Thou Mayest Coffee)