A porcelain tea filter + stand.

Designed to sit over our house gong dao bei, this conical filter separates tea leaves and particulates from tea liquor. Whether decanted through an in-built filter or gaiwan lid, small bits of leaf and tea dust are liable to escape into the finished steep—using a secondary filter like this one ensures a clean cup of tea free of leaf material.

Made of a single slab of elegant Dehua porcelain (same as our house gaiwan), the filter features a wide mouth, a 100+ hole strainer, and a glossy finish. A bulbous base of the same porcelain acts as a stand to catch drips and house the filter when not in use.

Filters like this are usually used in small-format tea steeping (see: Gongfu), but it will fit over most mugs and tea cups, too, for when you want to decant a steep directly into your drinking vessel. As useful as it is decorative, this filter will last you years.*

Rinse and dry thoroughly after each use.
For staining, scrub gently with melamine foam. 
*If you don't drop it!