Making Tea

On making loose, hot tea

Tea is easy. So very easy. But most of us aren’t in the habit of making tea. Alas, there’s hope! We (humans) have been preparing healthy, sustainable, tiger-taming teas for millennia--no fancy equipment required. If a monk stuck on a mountain in ancient history can make tea, by golly, you can make tea in your kitchen. So let’s get on with it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us--we'd be happy to help you make good tea. 


Get water and make it hot.

Temperature matters. You should never use boiling water to make tea.

You can heat water in a pan on a stove-top. You can even heat a cup of water in the microwave (though that is less consistent). We’d recommend using an electric kettle that has temperature control so you can heat your water to the correct temperature. 


Measure out your loose tea.

Place the tea leaves into your strainer or bag of choice. We recommend our Eighteen-Eight Strainer or (if you've got dignitaries around), opt for the Fourty-Three. You can also use an empty DIY tea-bag.

Most people use too many tea leaves to make their tea. Tea is efficient. You don’t need much of it to make the perfect cup. Generally, one teaspoon of tea is enough for one cup of water (8-12 oz.). After all, the TEAspoon is appropriately named because it makes one serving of tea. How about that?


You’ll be tempted (oh, you’ll be tempted) to dig in and give your cup another scoop or two. Don’t! Be strong! Hold fast! Trust the measurements given on the tea-in-question.


Steep the tea.

Never let your tea over-steep. It makes a nasty cup. It’s like leaving cookies in the oven too long, or leaving toast in the toaster. It won’t turn out well. Follow the instructions on the tea-in-question; green and white teas require less time than others.

Let your newly-packed tea steep in your cup of water. Set a timer and walk away. Go back to reading your book. Go back to writing your novel or solving life’s riddles. You’ve done all you can do. Just be sure to remove the strainer/bag when the time is up.