Hu Zai is the source of our dancong oolong teas. Dancong—"single tree"—is a historied product of the Fenghuang ("Phoenix") mountains outside Chaozhou city.

Moreso than other tea styles, the genetic origin of the tea plants used for dancong is critically important. The cultivars, distinguished by scent ("xiang"), inform the character of the finished tea, with factors like oxidation and roast level somewhat less influential. On Hu Zai, a high elevation hill, a rich variety of cultivars grow, including "lao cong" ("old tree") trees that require tall ladders to access.

Hu Zai is an organic certified, mid-size operation, fulfilling the increasing demand for organic teas in China and Europe. For our part, we seek Hu Zai's smaller productions of unusual cultivars—teas that never see export.