MATCHA KIROKU | ceremonial – 30g

Matcha KIROKU is a hyper-premium matcha from Kiroku tea garden. The farm is situated just southeast of Uji, in Wazuka—a historied tea making town home to 300 tea making families (and just 3,000 people). Here, Megumi Hori (Ui-chan), her mother, and her sister run the only women-owned matcha farm in the area. After the passing of Ui's father, Kiroku received countless offers to sell the farm; it was believed a family of 3 women couldn't operate the garden. Matcha KIROKU is their statement to the contrary.

The genetic makeup of KIROKU will be nothing new to fans of Matcha QIANDAO, our project matcha grown in Zhejiang from a hybrid Japanese-Chinese cultivarThis lot is produced with plants over 50 years old of the early-budding asanoka cultivar, a cross between yabukita and a Chinese cultivar (hiramizu #1). Less often seen in matcha production, asanoka tea plants make sweet teas, and are typically reserved for sencha or gyokuro making. In typical Kiroku fashion, the Hori family cultivated a small lot of these plants for tencha making. This is their earliest spring production, and is otherwise produced with classic matcha styling—grow, shade, harvest, process to tencha, and stone-mill locally.

Matcha KIROKU comes to us after several years of producer vetting and drinking countless grams of production samples. This is the first matcha to pass our clean farming test with flying colors, be traceable down to the row of tea trees where the tencha grew, and defy the Japanese standard of regional factory blending. Regularly priced at over 2USD per gram, this lot is the peak of their output, and an exemplar of old world Uji matcha making (with a modernist twist). Most importantly, it's the best tasting matcha we've ever had. 

The Hori family uses natural fertilizers made from vegetable and fish byproducts; Matcha KIROKU is not certified organic. We sent the matcha to be lab tested for a wide range of contaminants—and found nothing.

notes —
 wagashi | MSG | buttery

nomenclature — ki (喜) "joy" | roku () "six"

style — shaded 21 days & stone-milled

cultivar — asanoka

region — Wazuka (lower Uji), Kyoto, Japan

locale — Kiroku tea farm

producer —Megumi Hori 

vintage — spring '20


(use freshly boiled spring water)

usucha – thin tea

2 grams | 3.4 oz (100 ml) | 164ºF (73ºC) | whisk to froth

koicha – thick tea

4 grams | 1.3 oz (40 ml) | 164ºF (73ºC) | whisk to paste

iced latte (12 oz)

2.5 grams | 1.3 oz (40 ml) | 164ºF (73ºC)
whisk to espresso consistency, pour over ice (100 g) with milk (200 ml)

hot latte (12 oz)

2.5 grams | 1.3 oz (40 ml) | 164ºF (73ºC)
whisk to espresso consistency, top with steamed milk (300 ml)