RARE 001 | snow dragon

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Our first RARE selection ever comes to us from middle-Yunnan, a district famed for its unparalleled pu'er production—and is a green tea. Substantially tippy and coated with the fine white hairs that are a hallmark of sweet, full-bodied tea, SNOW DRAGON carries all the boldness and depth of Yunnan teas presented alongside the fruity sweetness and squash-like qualities of finer Chinese green teas. As opposed to Japanese green teas, which are steamed, Chinese greens traditionally undergo a pan-frying "fixing" stage (the process by which enzymes in tea are deactivated by heat in order to halt oxidation). SNOW DRAGON, grown in heavy Yunnan soil and being of the large leaf "da ye" cultivar, is an ideal candidate for the roasty qualities imparted by pan-frying, and because of its physical stature remains fully intact all the way to your cup. A perfected maofeng-style tea with western Chinese attributes that leave a toothsome brew of savory notes amidst tart fruit undertones.

Available to all cafés—first come, first serve.
You do not need to be a current or former Hugo Tea partner to participate.