RARE 003 | yutakamidori

ゆたかみどり !

2019's second RARE selection hails from Yakushima Island in Japan's deep south—and is a true character study of sencha tea. Grown by the Watanabe family on certified organic land at sub-tropical Hachimanjyu tea garden, Yutakamidori is a particularly young sencha harvested in early spring, when the tea plants are fast-growing and rich with stored compounds that result in flavorful tea.

The Watanabe estate produces tea without the use of pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, or other synthetic chemicals, and Yutakamidori is no exception—in fact, its flavor and character are so well-preserved by the family's mastery and the island's purity that this sencha is a natural fit for the Hugo lineup. All our teas are one-farm and grown cleanly in order to communicate to tea drinkers the character of the land the tea is grown on and the mastery of our producer-partners. In this way, YUTAKAMIDORI exceeds all expectations.

Available to all cafés—first come, first serve.
You do not need to be a current or former Hugo Tea partner to participate.