UI'S BROWN RICE | tisane

notes   popcorn | breakfast cereal | toasted

This tisane is agrochemical-free.

UI'S BROWN RICE is a handmade genmai ("brown rice") from Wazuka, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. Ui, our Uji matcha producer, produces her genmai in tiny batches (about 100 grams at a time) using rice grown by neighboring farmers. The rice is cooked in her home wok over a light fire, and tended until sufficient toasting is achieved. In the process, some kernels pop, and some don't; the handmade nature of this tisane is to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Produced with Japonica varietal rice of the koshihikari cultivar, Ui's genmai is a short grain rice of superb eating quality. Toasted, the carbohydrates undergo chemical changes that create caramel and sweet breakfast cereal qualities with a sweet, roasted aroma perfect for cold weather.

vintage  fall '21
style genmai ("brown rice")
cultivar — koshihikari
region — Wazuka (Uji), Kyoto, Japan
locale — Hori tea farm
elevation — 400 meters
producer — Ui Hori


(use freshly boiled spring water)

modern, large format
[300 ml+ vessel — BOLI, large teapot]

4 grams — 200°F (93°C) — 2 minutes

traditional, small format
[150 ml- vessel — gaiwan, small teapot]

7 grams — 200°F (93°C) — 25 seconds
+25-30 seconds each additional steep