Matcha Whisk CHASEN is an 80-tine Japanese Chasen—"tea whisk"—for preparing matcha in a chawan. Flick in a "W" pattern just above the floor of the bowl; pressing into the base will bend and weaken tines. Pair with KUMO and Matcha Scoop CHASHAKU for effective matcha making.

To prepare usucha ("thin tea"), dose 2 grams of matcha into the bowl through a sifter, introduce 100 grams of cool (160ºF—170ºF) water slowly, and begin whisking immediately to discourage the powder clumping. Whisk aggressively but gracefully, making occasional circular passes to bring particles sticking to the sides into the fold. When the suspension is well-established, continue the W motion slowly 5-10 times, and finish with a twist and lift as though making stiff egg white peaks (this adds a certain thickness to the foam). 

Rinse and soften bristles in hot water before whisking for improved pliability and foam quality. Dry completely before storage.