On directness

Every moment with tea is a learning moment. There's no room in the modern tea industry for opaqueness and empty platitudes. Our passion is to share tea in open, and genuinely informative ways--not to talk past you. 

We travel thousands of miles every year, pursuing great tea. Working with farmers and buying 100% of our leaves direct and yet, still, we find ourselves dumbfounded by the presumptuous way we see tea being sold; wrapped in complex terminology without any genuine effort to educate--only to impress.

Tea is infinitely complex--and is lacking many universal truths. There's nuance. The best way to enjoy tea is to come to the leaf with openness, objectivity (where it allows), and admit when we don't know something. We should challenge old truths and mystique marketing.

On Masterful Tea

Masterful tea is a representation not only of the terroir at origin, but the skill and passion of pluckers and producers.

We travel thousands of miles every year, seeking unique cultivars and processing techniques that celebrate their origins and the forward-thinking creativity of the new generation of tea producers. 

Many of our teas are the result of multi-year co-development projects at our farms for the stated the goal of creating teas with wholly unique shapes, flavors, and histories. For example, GAO WEN is a product of a unique post-production roasting process. 

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