We purchase 100% of our tea leaves directly from the producers. We seek out small and medium sized integrated operations who grow and produce their teas. This compares with many "mixed" operations who buy tea leaves from groups of farmers and produce blended product. 

We've built this intimate supply chain over nearly a decade. In many cases, our teas are co-developed in partnership with the farm. In others, our investments into farms have allowed us to improve production capabiites or hygiene.  

Direct Language

Tea is complex. There are  hundreds of styles, created over thousands of years of history—with modern cultivation spanning the globe. 

This complexity is often used as a veil to confuse (intentionally or not) tea buyers and drinkers. 

It's easy for a tea company to hide behind exotic-sounding language in lieu of providing genuinely informative content. 

Hugo Tea was founded to tear down the veil. Masterful tea deserves objectively clear information.