Xiao Qi farm is the source of our chrysanthemum flower tisane.

Situated in the hills of Wuyuan county—a region famed for chrysanthemum cultivation—Xiao Qi produces competition-winning flowers for the domestic market. Chrysanthemum features heavily in the Chinese diet / TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and quality chrysanthemum is highly valued. The Huang family, our producers and friends, are serious about their craft, processing the flowers by hand in the old world style.

Cultivated in the richly biodiverse environment of Wuyuan, the Huangs' flowers enjoy ideal growing conditions. Misty hillsides, abundant sun, and planting methods designed to mimic the natural organization of wild-growing chrysanthemum make for a healthy crop year over year.

These conditions and the Huangs' expert hand are what separate their flowers from commercial chrysanthemum. Prized in the province, their relatively small lots are always bought out by the domestic market.
We're privileged to access a few kilos each year.