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TEA BOARD HUGO is a tea board (or tray) designed for use in small-format tea steeping. At 28 cm (length) x 18 cm (height) x 4.5 cm (depth), the board comfortably seats a gaiwan or teapot, a gong dao bei, 1-2 cups, and a tea pet—all the makings of a proper gongfu session.

A tea board is essentially a water bucket. When steeping in the gongfucha style, water is prone to be spilled: there's preheating your wares, rinsing tea, discarding steeps, and the general splashiness of the small-format process. This board catches that liquid, freeing you to splash and spill as you please. The housing will not leak, even left full of tea overnight.

We built this board to be perfect in its function. The removable top plate is perfectly flat and sits securely on discreet ledges (no wobbling gaiwans), beveled handles on each side make handling the board easy, and the centimeter tall walls prevent spills and further secures your tea wares. This is an everyday tea board; use with gusto and don't baby it. Perfect for on-the-go gongfu and honing your steeping skills without the worry of using finer equipment.

To wash, lightly scrub with a wet cloth.
Avoid soaps unless absolutely necessary.