Farm Overview

Long Kou Farm—transliterated as Dragon's Mouth—is a mid-sized organic tea farm in Guangxi province. It's our preferred source for scented Chinese green teas, along with our flagship oolong, Gui Shan. We've been partners for over six years.

Traditionally Guangxi doesn't have the cache that more famous tea regions carry, despite a long and beautiful history of tea planting. That underdog status drew us here to begin with. There are local varietals of tea bush, like Linyun Baihao, that can't be found anywhere else. It's also known for the production of heicha (dark tea). The terroir is less bold and malty than the region's western neighbor, Yunnan

Since the beginning, we've worked side-by-side with our friends at Long Kou to meet new FDA standards and pursue our joint goals for sustainable, organic cultivation.