Panlan is the source of our yancha ("rock tea").

Situated on the remote southern edges of the Wuyi range, Panlan tea farm produces zhoucha—"island tea"—that outpaces similar yancha productions from Wuyi national park proper.

Panlan garden hugs the alpine slopes of Dafeng mountain, with elevation ranging from 900 to 1,200 meters (tea grown in the Wuyi reserve tops out around 800 meters). A true high mountain garden sprawling amongst rocky terrain and irrigated by deep-well springs, Panlan turns out high-stress yancha with ample sugars and abundant yanyun ("rock feeling").

Twenty years ago, Shan Zhong, a Yong'an city transplant originally from Panlancun, returned to his hometown to organize Panlan into yancha makers. Da hong pao (aka big red robe) was experiencing a surge in popularity; Shan saw an opportunity to lift his neighbors out of poverty with Panlan's fertile soils and unique terroir. His home-cooked da hong pao recipe, PANLAN ROBE, is our homage to the tea that first enriched his village. Season-to-season, we'll bring in the yancha he's most proud of.