Farm Overview

Overlooking central Nagasaki's Ōmura Bay is Sonogi Tea
Cooperative—a joint factory run by 4 forward-thinking producers. Each of the
producers are masters in their own-right, producing award-winning green tea in
their separate farms, and competing directly against each other in Japanese tea

In 2017, they joined together to build a factory dedicated
to making high quality matcha that reflects the terroir of Kyushu and the
skills of the producers here.

Uniquely, Sonogi is fully integrated; from harvest to
milling, it’s all in-house. This is an unusual arrangement in Japan, and is
only possible because of the singular vision of the Sonogi Team—to create and
control their own destinies, not having to sell their leaves or “raw” green tea
to powerful domestic wholesalers paying low prices.

Hugo Tea purchases at least 70% of Sonogi’s matcha, and
virtually all of their highest grade. This direct relationship is a boon to
both of us. It provides the farmers with a consistent and trustworthy partner
who pays more than a Japanese wholesaler would, and Hugo gets exceptional
matcha with a delightfully unique Kyushu terroir.