Storage Can MIYABI

Tins do not come labeled.
Leave an order note or contact to request custom labels for your MIYABI.
Labels available for teas + tisanes only (no matcha / iced tea). 

Proper storage is all-important. It's also the most overlooked part of coffee shop tea programs (and the casual tea drinker's home setup). We'd like to address this with a tea-centric version of humanity's greatest storage innovation: a can.

Dubbed MIYABI by our inaugural Japanese farmer-partner Masayuki-san, this storage can is a product of the belief that masterful tea requires masterful storage. MIYABI is inspired by its namesake, an old Heian-era concept of high elegance and refinement. The design aims to embody this aesthetic ideal while preserving the utilitarian spirit of our most everyday objects.

Designed with intention for tea storage behind bar, Storage Can MIYABI can be arranged narrow or wide side forward (pictured). The lid peels off and reseals quickly, quietly, and with minimal effort. Good for home use, too, MIYABI is equal parts storage tin and decorative accent.

|  High-grade tinplate steel build blocks damaging light, keeps unwanted scents out, and preserves freshness indefinitely.

|  Outfitted with form-fitting lid and silicone gasket for an airtight seal.

|  Made with 80% recycled material and sustainably harvested bamboo stalk.

|  Proportioned to comfortably house a bulk unit of tea (up to a half kilo for rolled teas).

DIMENSIONS: 8" tall X 3.75" (narrow) X 5.125" (wide)

Wholesale partners receive storage cans free with hand-applied labeling; just pay shipping. To request cans, contact:

Diversity of lid patterns is a result of natural variation in bamboo.