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This tea is certified organic.

ICED CLASSIC GREEN is a bancha green tea from Shizuoka, Japan. A "kariban" production of lower-branch shoots, this tea is produced with the trimmings collected after the first flush of each spring season (when SENCHA SEDOGAWA is produced). While this tea is a first flush production, it is not considered shincha (or even sencha)—mature material (i.e. shoots and leaves closer to the root of the tree) is considered lesser in Japanese tea. Our Shizuoka producer's bancha defies that notion; ICED CLASSIC GREEN is a delight.

After shincha ("first tea", sencha produced and sold immediately) and sencha (first flush tea that goes to cold storage), pruning takes place to prepare the trees for second flush. These clippings undergo a classic asamushi ("light steam") sencha processing with an added pan-roast to become iccha kariban—"flower fragrance". The mature material and light steam create a decidedly sweet, floral cup perfect for cold brew steeping.

We pack the tea into oversized, unbleached cellulose sachets that provide optimal breathing room for the tea to extract evenly. The sachets are portioned for pitcher-size servings (32 oz / 950 ml), making prep simple: just drop a pouch into a jug for overnight cold brew (our preferred method), or brew hot for added complexity before chilling. A clean, restorative all-season refreshment. 


(use freshly boiled spring water)

cold brew
[32 oz / 950 ml vessel — pitcher]

1-2 pouches — cold water — refrigerate overnight

hot steep
[32 oz / 950 ml vessel — pitcher]

1-2 pouches — 180ºF (87ºC) — 5 minutes — half the vessel volume, then top off with cold water — refrigerate