BOUQUET | tisane blend

notes — pollen | granny smith | lush

This tisane is certified organic.

BOUQUET is a tisane blend of whole chamomile flower, black mitcham peppermint, and organic lemongrass stalk. Each summer we source a fresh lot of organic chamomile from Egypt's Nile Delta. We intentionally select German over Roman chamomile; its thick honey and tangy green apple qualities play best with the mint's sweetness and complex citrus of the lemongrass.

Honey-sweet with heady floral character, BOUQUET is blended in-house at a precise ratio that celebrates the flower. The tisane produces a bright golden liquor with a soft perfume of blooming flowers and raw honey. 

Ideal behind bar as a caffeine-free option. BOUQUET pairs beautifully with steamed plant milks. Serve sprinkled with coarse whole honeycomb and spritzed with green apple juice—or as a 4 ounce concentrate (1 gram tea : 2 ounces water, steeped to-strength) mixed with honey simple and 6 ounces sparkling water.


(use freshly boiled spring water)

modern, large format
[300 ml+ vessel — BOLI, large teapot]

4 grams — 205°F (96°C) — 3 minutes

traditional, small format
[150 ml- vessel — gaiwan, small teapot]

7 grams — 195ºF (90ºC) — 25 seconds
+20-25 seconds each additional steep