notes — caramel | lemon peel | smooth

This tea is certified organic.

ICED CLASSIC BLACK is Hugo's rendition of an all-American classic: "iced tea". Made from organic, whole leaf black tea rich with buds that impart sweetness, our annual production from Guangxi, China is a cut above the commodity fannings used for most iced tea. This tea garden is considered semi-wild; left untreated with synthetic chemicals and certified organic year-to-year by independent authorities, but tended well enough to ensure a consistent supply of this house favorite.

With a rounded, even flavor profile devoid of astringency and teeming with sweet amino acids, ICED CLASSIC BLACK is produced for smoothness and body. A healthy proportion of tips (the youngest, furled leaf sprout of a tea shoot) makes for a full-bodied brew, while more mature leaves growing down the stalk offer richness and complexity. The tea is hand-plucked and processed with care, ensuring the finished material is mostly intact and extracts evenly to prevent bitterness and preserve the refreshing high notes of good iced tea.

We pack the tea into oversized, unbleached cellulose sachets that provide optimal breathing room for the tea to extract evenly. The sachets are portioned for pitcher-size servings (32 oz / 950 ml), making prep simple: just drop a pouch into a jug for overnight cold brew (our preferred method), or brew hot for added complexity before chilling. Both preparations produce smooth, velvety iced tea—the perfect accompaniment to lemonade for an elevated arnold palmer, or as a base for classic southern sweet tea.


(use freshly boiled spring water)

cold brew
 [32 oz / 950 ml vessel — pitcher]

 1-2 pouches — cold water — refrigerate overnight

hot steep
 [32 oz / 950 ml vessel — pitcher]

1-2 pouches — 205ºF (96ºC ) — 5 minutes — half the vessel volume, then top off with cold water — refrigerate