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This tisane blend is certified organic.

ICED HIBISCUS BERRY is a tisane blend of all-organic hibiscus flower, rooibos shrub, zante currants, and lemongrass stalk. This tea-free blend was modeled after CURRANT, but with a higher proportion of hibiscus and berries to produce an iced tisane with fruit punch-like character. This is an in-house production, made at our space in Kansas City in small batches for freshness and quality control.

Hibiscus flower leads the blend, providing tart sweetness and the deep purple-red liquor. This is tempered by nutty, long-cut rooibos from South Africa's Cederberg mountains, and layered with bright citrus via Thailand lemongrass. Juicy-sweet black currants from an organic farming cooperative in Fresno, California finish the purple fruit compote motif that drives ICED HIBISCUS BERRY. No added sugar, here—only those naturally present in the fruits and flowers we select season-to-season.

Like all our iced teas, ICED HIBISCUS BERRY is produced with signature beverage service in mind. Reminiscent of unsweetened Kool-Aid and red candy, it's a strong mixer—serve with chilled nut milk for an elevated take on the classic berries and cream, or on rocks with sparkling water. 


(use freshly boiled spring water)

cold brew
[32 oz / 950 ml vessel — pitcher]

1-2 pouches — cold water — refrigerate overnight

hot steep
[32 oz / 950 ml vesselpitcher]

1-2 pouches — 205ºF (96ºC) — 5 minutes — half the vessel volume, then top off with cold water — refrigerate