vanilla chai | black blend

VANILLA CHAI is a tea blend of Yunnan black tea and classic chai spices. Hand-blended in-house, the recipe starts with a black tea base—smooth, chocolatey GAO WEN from Yunnan—augmented with a spicy-sweet profile of south Asian cinnamon, ginger root, and Malabar black pepper. Lastly, the blend is smoothed with a naturally soft, creamy vanilla. The result is a loose chai tea leagues ahead of commodity-grade blends on the market.

VANILLA CHAI produces a deep cherry red liquor with an aromatic bouquet of masala spices and sweet cream. Rich, full-bodied, spice-forward, and fully traceable from source to cup.

This tea blend is scheduled for removal from the lineup (to be replaced by a Masala Chai blend); get it before it's gone!

notes —
roasted tea | vanilla bean | creamy


(use freshly boiled spring water)

[300 ml+ vessel — BOLI, large teapot]

5 grams — 205°F (96°C) — 5 minutes

[150 ml- vessel — gaiwan, small teapot]

steeping blended teas in this style is not recommended